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Audi is a leading automobile company in the world that has its headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. Name the company whose shares are majority owned by volkswagen is taken from the Latin word which means “listen”.

AUDI history

Proponent This car company is August Horch. Actually, in the late 19th Horch has several times initiated the formation of a company car. Due to some internal issues that require him ousted from his own company. The first company he has formed is A. Horch & Cie (1899), while the second company is Horch Automobil-Werke GmbH (1909). Until in 1910 he invited a few friends to help give a name to a company car. From that meeting came the idea to use the “audi” as the name of the car company that he has formed. The first production car horch is the Type A 10/22 hp sport Phaeton.

Year 1932 is the year in which they joined with four other auto companies are Horch, DKW and wanderer. merger of four automobile companies are often called auto union. And became the forerunner to the creation of a logo consisting of four interlinked rings. Auto union before experienced devastation during World War two, had experienced difficulty in marketing the vehicle due to the impact of bad domestic economy in the late 1930s. Assembly plants they’ve invaded by Soviet troops and destroyed in 1945 and began again reformed around the mid-19th century.

Auto union also was owned by Daimler-Benz (later the forerunner of mercedes benz), but because they see it as auto union not profitable, then they resell the auto union. Volkswagen was the one who eventually took over the auto union.

Brand “audi” was first brought by the “volkswagen” to the United States around the 1970′s and brought the name “Audi NSU Auto Union AG”. In 1985 the company’s name officially shortened to “Audi AG”.

Entering the 20th century, known as the Audi company capable of producing high quality and high durable cars.

Audi technology

Car bodies

They uses the method of zinc coating on all parts of the car to prevent rusting.

Audi continues to develop their technology in all parts of the car body. As well as a reduction in body weight for the car’s engine torque IMPROVING. With the improvement of the car body with aluminum.

Car engines

In some audi sedan carrying the engine of volkswagen W12 engine. The advantage of this machine is 12-cylinder engine with all-whell drive. As well as to compete with v12 engine carried by mercedes and bmw are only rear-wheel drive.

On some new models already used the system FSI (Fuel Stratified Injection), which serves to conserve fuel.

Audi car pictures.

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Audi r8
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