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Try to look at the vehicles that cross the highway. Surely, you will often see Honda brand vehicles. Vehicle brand is indeed one of the popular car brands among users various cars. Because it probably is worth mentioning as the king of the road.

Did you know that the founder of the car company that are well known (Soichiro Honda) are exposed to failure while undergoing a fruitful life from childhood to the birth of a worldwide empire that. He did not even have an engineering degree and not students who have a brilliant brain. He get sick, broke, and out of school.

When pioneering business, Soichiro Honda always failed. However, he kept dreaming and dreaming. And, finally manifested dream armed with perseverance and hard work.

When he was 12 years old, Soichiro Honda has built a bike with a model on the foot brake. It was in his mind has not appeared automotive dreams become a businessman, because he knew came from a simple family.

At age 15 he began working at a car repair shop. He was very thorough and businesslike in terms of the machine. That’s when, at the age is still relatively young (21 years old), he has offered to manage a branch workshop.

Accomplishments getting better. He always receive reparations are rejected by another garage. His work was so fast that the customer is very satisfied.

At that time, the car trellis made of wood, so it is very hard shock. Realizing this, he was trying to to replace it with a metal trellis. The results are incredible, the trellis metal is in demand in the market and used throughout the world. His genius became a phenomenon.

At age 30 he’s resigned and tried to establish their own workshops. His dream was to set up engine plant seemed increasingly apparent.

But the intention has failed. Since that time Japan was hit by the war, so there are no funds to the public. But he did not give up. He then raise capital from a few people to set up a business. But again, the disaster came. After the war broke out, After the war broke out, the factory destroyed, even occur repeatedly.

In a tight spot, he then returned to explore the bike. He also installed motor / small engine on the bike. Finally he managed to design a motorcycle – led to the creation of Honda cars – was in demand by friends and relatives. Be he produced were motorized bicycles. Then re-established the Honda motorcycle factory. Since then the company continues to grow and following Honda vechicles, being the king of the road world.

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